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A new year gift
A new year gift

A new year gift

This article is my new year gift to Umred and others reading this. If you’re ready, you’ll receive and benefit from it. I share this because I want what most of us want in this world — peace, prosperity, joy, happiness, etc. All that good stuff.

This post is primarily in response to the protests against NRC and CAA. The effect of which was huge enough to make headlines in many countries. This battle between religious groups is tiring, but it will end once we understand why it keeps recurring in our experience.

Let us first be clear that this war between religions is not a fight for God, Allah, or Ishwar. For instance, I have a substance I call “Gold” in English, “L’or” in French, and “Sona” in Hindi, but the substance remains the same regardless of the word. It is the same principle. That which gives us life and sustains all animate and inanimate on this planet and the universe is the same.

Then the real argument is never about the Source. It is about the different theories on ways of living to achieve either heaven or redemption, whichever you prefer. These religions ‘ interpreters give you the rules and rituals on what to wear, eat, not eat, how to pray. 

Muslims pray five times a day, which is why they believe so deeply in what they are told to be the word of God. Christians go to church every Sunday in India and pray every day. Hindus also have their regular festivals and rituals. You affirm these beliefs with your actions, practices, and rituals. The more you affirm, the stronger it gets. Religion now becomes a tool to influence society’s culture by dictating how people should behave.

But here’s a catch22. The religious books I read provide an insight into these universal laws, but you’ll be lost in the literal translation of these religious texts if you do not understand these basic universal principles. Such laws are just as immutable as the established laws of physics.

Yeah, there’s a way of life, but it’s not what you wear, eat or drink. It’s what you believe and how you thin

We work 90% of the time with our subconscious mind (on autopilot mode), so it plays a determinate role in creating our experiences and our reality. The subconscious mind is where you store all your beliefs, memories, emotions, etc. And this becomes your personality, identity, and your life template. You create your reality based on your habitual thought patterns arising out of your values that you have accepted as real.

The proverb which is of biblical origin, “As you sow, so shall you reap” refers to this universal law.

The law of Karma, commonly misunderstood as the checks and balances system in Hinduism for the next life based on your actions alone, also refers to the same mental law.

 If you are conditioned to believe that others are inferior to you because of how they pray and hate them because of their way of life and worship, then that negative emotion will manifest in your experience in unpleasant ways. If you sow the seed of hatred, then that is what you will manifest. That is the law.

Interestingly this rule doesn’t just apply to religious convictions but extends to all aspects of your life. It has no concept of good or evil as many believe. You can’t expect a bulb to light only for the good  and not for the bad. If the electricity flows through it, it will light for all. Thus, if you habitually entertain feelings and thoughts of fear, insecurity, anxiety, etc. or believe in statements like bad things happen to good people etc., you will experience the undesirable, no matter how good you think you are.

Most religions teach one very important lesson – it is to fill yourself with positive thoughts, emotions and to have Faith.
Faith here doesn’t mean belief in a particular deity or many rituals, but rather to believe in your ability to sow the right seeds and have faith that the universe will give you what you deserve. Whether or not your prayer is answered depends entirely on your own belief in the outcome, your habitual thinking and the emotions you dwell in. Subscription to a religion is not a necessity for this to work. Just like gravity does not care whether you believe in it or not, this law does not care what or who you believe in. You can be an atheist and still manifest things around you based on your belief and thought pattern.

Finally, pay attention to what you Focus on. Mahatma Gandhi did not guide millions of people to freedom by focusing on slavery and violence. His focus was empowerment and non-violence. Let this be known to all those who create unrest and then claim Mahatma Gandhi to be their inspiration. Program your mind to focus on the good and the good has to follow. Use prayers/focused habitual thoughts to create harmony and to find your place in the world. 


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