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Birdwatching in Umred
Birdwatching in Umred

Birdwatching in Umred

After my last post on the Wildlife in Umred,  I feel it is important for me to add that while venturing into the jungle to see the wild requires permission, there is enough wilderness in and around Umred that can be easy for anyone to see and appreciate. It can especially be exciting for the bird watchers.

Just look up in the skies or up in the trees. You just might find an exotic, beautiful, curious looking winged friend lurking in the branches. To study and understand birds better all you need is Wikipedia and some Binoculars. Agreed, Wikipedia may not be the most credible source of information, but it is a good source to get some quick answers.

The picture here is of Paradise Fly Catcher from the area.

These beautiful passerine birds are easy to find during the summer months – breeding and nesting. Winter on the other hand, makes the whole “bird watching business” more exciting with the arrival of migratory birds, when a greater variety of birds can be seen near the lakes and rivers.


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