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Embracing Life’s Truths: Nothing Truly Belongs to Us
Embracing Life’s Truths: Nothing Truly Belongs to Us

Embracing Life’s Truths: Nothing Truly Belongs to Us

In the past few months, I’ve come to a simple but powerful realization: nothing in this world truly belongs to us.

When we feel like we own something or someone, that is a clear sign that we are bound. As a soul we are free, but with the body comes all the bondages, whether it is bondages created by our own desires and greed or through our DNA passed to us through different generations. That’s right, even the relationships are connected to the body, and thus are of this material world.

Consider for a moment the relationships we cherish, the possessions we covet. None of it is truly ours. Even the most intimate bonds we form, the deepest connections we forge, are merely temporary parts of our temporary life on this planet. And while we travel through different time and space in this dimension, we leave behind everything we hold dear when we inevitably cross over to the next.

The air we breathe, the blood flowing through our veins, the food we eat – none of it starts with us. It’s all borrowed, passing through us like grains of sand in an hourglass. Even the very blueprint of our body, our DNA, our face, our appearance – they’re all reflections of our parents and ancestors.

But this is a folly of human nature. How often do we find ourselves, in moments of desperation or self-absorption, “praying” to the divine for the return of what we perceive as “ours”? “Oh God,” we demand, “return to me everything that is mine.” But in truth, how foolish are we to lay claim to that which was never truly ours to begin with?

I am grateful, for the journey that has led me to this realization. The trials and tribulations, the moments of joy and sorrow, each has served to deepen my connection to the core of my being. In the midst of chaos, I have found magic – the unmistakable presence of the universe, guiding and watching over me with unwavering care.

So I urge you, fellow life travellers, to stay true to the essence of your being. Amidst the ebb and flow of life, in the continuous dance of joy and sorrow, remember that which truly matters. Surrender to the flow, and in doing so, find the connection that lies at the heart of all things. For in that connection, you will find the truest expression of yourself, and the universe will watch over you with boundless love and grace.

I apologize if this feels overwhelming, but the recent loss of my father has drawn me nearer to this insight, which I offer for those who may find it meaningful.



  1. Mahesh G

    That is part n parcel of life and attachment is great Barrier. Attachment is only thing which makes us to cry enjoy smile n even sorrows but sometimes it makes us good human being. Attachment with your father or even with my parents realizes us what they used to teach us, which is big thing and which makes us good human being. Nice written Era…keep this spirit up..

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