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Living in the 21st Century yet?
Living in the 21st Century yet?

Living in the 21st Century yet?

During my recent visit to France, I noticed something peculiar. Here is a picture of what I saw very close to the famous meteor site in Rochechouart.

A curious mind that I possess, I needed to find out and quickly was informed that it is a public laundry place in France, now abandoned post industrialization. A lavoir (wash-house) is a public place set aside for the washing of clothes. The first Lavoirs appeared in the seventeenth century for the exclusive use of the social elite. Most are now seen as architectural monuments.

My thoughts immediately took me to this article on lake and riverside washing. Here is a latest picture of these women living in 2017 and still washing their laundry by the lake in Umred, India.

While we have Indians who are launching rockets towards Mars and becoming CEOs of major tech giants, we have some stuck by the lakes and rivers in communal washing routines.

Is it not time that we all collectively evolved? How long before the Government takes any initiative? Here is an idea for you if you live there. Take it to your local authorities or come up with a better solution. The easiest would be to ignore and move on. What is it going to be?


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