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Making things better for everyone
Making things better for everyone

Making things better for everyone

Scorching sun, warm water, slippery steps and dirty laundry. How can it sound so wrong when the sight of it seems so normal to most people in Umred and other small villages and towns in India?

Not only is it dangerous and uncomfortable for the women but think about the lake itself, the fish in the water mixed with caustic soap and all the filth that goes with it. Washing clothes on the banks is not the only thing that’s damaging Indian rivers and lakes, there are many other issues. One in particular is Idol immersion during the festival season in the lakes and rivers. It is an environmentally hazardous practice, and it is affecting not only the lakes and rivers, but also the oceans.


Why would idol immersion be an environmental hazard you would wonder, it is made of clay that comes from the earth. Right, if it was only clay it would not be a major issue. But I am talking about the lead and chrome based cheap paints that go on top. Those are definitely the issue. Some of these idols are made of Plaster of Paris (P.O.P) which is insoluble in water preventing bio-degradation of substances and causing a build-up of poisonous gases resulting in the destruction of aquatic life. Some people also immerse offerings in plastic bags alongside these idols, causing further damage and pollution. Indian waters are sacred in my opinion. Not only are they the principal source of drinking water for cities and town, but they also provide a good view and help us calm and center ourselves. Who amongst us has not felt the magic of calming waters?

Lake - Umred

I really do not believe in boundaries and divisions, and I feel we are humans above all, and inhabitants of planet earth together. What we do in one part of the globe has the potential to affect millions on the opposite side of it and vice versa. We are all responsible in our own way for keeping the earth clean, healthy and sustainable for future generations to come.

However, to use artistic licence for explanation’s sake, we can think of India or Umred as one body. Then these rivers and lakes could be like arteries flowing through the body providing fluid and nutrition to every part and every cell. And if these arteries become dirty and run full of filth, then filth is what most people living in the body will get.


This is not another pontification post but an effort to offer a few solutions and invite dialog from you, the dear readers, in the comments below. How do you think people in Umred can come together and solve this problem? How can you make things better not just for yourselves but for others? There are no limitations and I believe every person, place and town is full of possibilities.

So, if the solution was to pass a law to ban clothes-washing and other such activities in the lake, then I would call it a bit drastic. The first step would be to offer an alternative to these people who generally use river banks for their daily activities. These are people who lack the sufficient means of livelihood, proper housing and access to sanitation facilities.

How would you deal with this? Here are some of my suggestions and please feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments below –


I would urge municipal corporations to provide laundry alternatives for people in this situation. Providing proper drainage solutions is a must. How can this be organized? Would self-service laundry facilities (such as laundrettes) be feasible with local infrastructure or affordable to the poor? Urging the municipal corporations is one way to approach this issue but is not often the most reliable.

Ask yourself, how can you contribute towards making things better for everyone? The simplest way to help would be to reduce your own carbon footprints, make sure that what you discard doesn’t end up in your lakes and cities. Help educate others and spread awareness of the consequences of the above.

If you are an organization or an NGO in Umred, you can take up an initiative, start a project and collect funds towards the cause and with all honesty create a solution.



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