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Moving Towards The Light
Moving Towards The Light

Moving Towards The Light

 It does not matter how fast you move or how perfect, easy or glorious the journey is; when you are moving towards the light.


An evening somewhere in the wilderness not far from Umred, along the narrow guage railway line. You can spot “Shakuntala Express” on this track – not the fastest train on the planet; however, it helps many people reach their destination, every day.

(Most existing narrow gauge railways have gauges of between 2 ft  (610 mm) and 3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm).



  1. Era

    Thank you Vivek!:) Umred is about an hour drive from Nagpur. And Nagpur is well connected (air and rail). There are regular buses from Nagpur and you can also hire a cab. Not sure about the resorts/hotels/living arrangements here; these may develop once the protected forest area opens up for people visits. Just send me a message on Umred FB page or here, just before you plan to visit. Thanks again – appreciate your comments and compliments. 🙂

  2. Era

    Thank you Aamir 🙂 You are welcome! Umred has also recently been declared as a wild life reserve/sanctuary. It will soon be opened for public visits. I will post an update here when that happens so you can also enjoy a wild life safari and a chance to see tigers and other wild animals here.

    1. Era

      Thanks for the comments Pariskshit. Did you compose the “shayari” yourself? Good one. I am wondering if should have a page to showcase different talents in Umred – something like “Umred’s got Talent”. 🙂

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