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Nature Always Gives
Nature Always Gives

Nature Always Gives

People may or may not give with open hearts but nature always gives without any bias or prejudice, irrespective of the place or people.

Experiencing one mystical, peaceful, and calm evening,  a few kms from Umred made me realize something, and I cannot share this picture without sharing my thoughts.

I have been very fortunate to have lived in three different continents of the world and to have closely experienced the cultures, people and the places. And what I noticed was this –

You will find beauty everywhere, no matter which country, city or town you visit.  It is up to the people who live there to take the beauty away from the place or to add to it; to appreciate it or abuse it.

Agree that you will find beauty in varying degrees, but you don’t trash a gift from a cherished friend or value it any less just because it is not the the most expensive or the most beautiful gift. When you look at the gift with appreciation, you find more to it than you thought there was.

It feels great to be living in this wonderful world.  🙂



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