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Old Umred Coal Mine Area – Now A Picnic Spot?
Old Umred Coal Mine Area – Now A Picnic Spot?

Old Umred Coal Mine Area – Now A Picnic Spot?

Another location, another lake and another beautiful, calm, and quiet evening by the water. I have just one word – GRATITUDE.

The dried leaves remind me of fall colors. It’s called a picnic spot but strangely the place seemed deserted.

I wondered – why don’t more people want to visit this place, if only for a few seconds.




        1. admin

          Hello, Rahul. Thanks for your question. I was born in Umred but spend most of my time living in Canada and France. I do visit Umred once every year to visit my parents who still live there. So yes, you are right. I cannot claim to know a lot about the town. This blog I started a few years ago as an effort to create an online presence for Umred and to give back in some ways. That is why I encourage everyone to share their Umred stories, their or others achievements or talents. The place and people living there are full of potential. You can share on Facebook using this page

  1. Pranayani

    I wondered how can you capture the essence of Umred so beautifully in your lens… It just skipped me, its in your blood :)… I always look forward to see My UMRED through your eyes (here Lens) 🙂 and I AM LOVING IT (UMRED) AGAIN…

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