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Recycle Umred
Recycle Umred

Recycle Umred

What? Trash Bins?

It is not even from Umred. Nah! Seriously where am I going with this, you would wonder?

Well, I have not received many pictures from people in Umred and this is just my way of adding my take on things in Umred, with or without the pictures. And, while this picture is not from Umred, it has everything to do with what I am about to write about Umred.

[singlepic id=206 w=520 h=440 float=center]

These are just the bins outside my house, a pretty average sight in Canada but it is the blue bin that makes me smile every time.

Now, you may think – Era has just lost it now. Maybe I have, because it does make me feel good every time I sort out the recycling, put them where they belong and play my part in keeping the cycle moving.

In Umred and in most parts of India though, there is only one way to recycle and that is to leave it for others to dig through their trash for recyclable stuff, mainly the poor, including kids.

I was very affected by the sight of two tiny kids in the garbage, last time I was there. Those little kids had no business being there in other people’s mess, they should be in a school – dreaming and building their future. I have pictures and I can post, but who wants to look at trash, much less spend all day and everyday in it.

Besides, this post is not to complain, it is just an idea I feel like sharing (and because I can on my blog). People can do what they want with it – actually it would be better if you shared your own ideas to find a solution.

I wonder if the government could provide, or the community itself could contribute towards recycle bins so people could collect their recyclables in it. If providing to each household seems extravagant maybe they could be put in a few designated areas.

Also, provide employment to the poor people who dig through the garbage by having them work at the recycle plant and these designated areas to make sure people provide proper recycling. I may be wrong but I think Umred has a recycling plant.

I know most would be shaking their heads and thinking of a thousand reasons why this would or should not work in Umred or even in India. But there is always a solution to everything, and always scope to make things and systems work better – all you need is intention.

And, if you catch yourself coming up with excuses, know that you will never find the intention or the solution.

I wish all of India could think of ways to solve this problem. I can only imagine the impact on the planet and environment when a billion plus people in India start recycling.

I am sure no one was expecting a post like this on but when I cannot find a pretty picture to put up, bad pictures in my mind come out.

I will leave one more video here to end this post. Leave your comments and/or ideas.




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