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Revisiting the #MeToo Article – Umred
Revisiting the #MeToo Article – Umred

Revisiting the #MeToo Article – Umred

Today, I am writing not out of choice but because life’s circumstances have forced me to. I want to remind everyone of the #MeToo article I wrote a while ago. I mentioned that I wouldn’t name the person, but guess what? That was a wrong decision.

Through this article, I want to strongly encourage all women to take prompt action. Most women are generally more emotional and self-sacrificing, but this can be a weakness.

I deeply regret my decision to not report to the police when I had a better opportunity. It seemed complicated because this abuser is the husband of my own relative. At the time, I was trying to protect his wife and children and putting their interests above my own security.

If you don’t take immediate action, trust me, they will not stop. They will abuse you and your loved ones every chance they get.

Even the very people you try to protect may not want to believe you because of their own self interests. Because people who only think about themselves cannot imagine how others can be considerate of others’ feelings and interests. And a habitual liar will always think that everyone is a liar.

I will write more, but for now, thanks for listening.


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