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Right Direction, Wrong Destination
Right Direction, Wrong Destination

Right Direction, Wrong Destination

Our journey began many years ago.

I am not quite sure how our paths crossed, but we have been together for as long as I can remember. Did I tag along with you for love and food? Or did you bring me with you for your benefits?

You have shown me your best and the worst. You have given me so much love that even your people are envious at times, but mostly they use my name as an insult.

I can be faithful to you, for as long as I live. I can be the most loyal friend you ever had. And, you will still be my hero when the entire world gives up on you.

All I ask from you is a little love, a little kindness, some compassion maybe?

Even so, here I am with my other mates lying on the street left to scavenge through your garbage. You can help me, take me home but you’d rather breed and buy one of those “pedigrees”.


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You, my friend are a man with a superior brain but let me tell you a thing or two. I do not have an evolved version of FOXP2 – the talking gene, but I will try.

I was happy when you passed the law in 2001 and stopped the killing in India. That was great. We, however need more work.

How I live my life may not be of much concern to you. Maybe because I do not look like you,or because I cannot flaunt a highly optimized neural circuit. I do not blame you for your indifference or arrogance.

Can you, however, look into my eyes and tell me if you find any emotion or pain in there? Because, it hurts.

When you kick me, or hit me with sticks; When I am infested with ticks, parasites and I get sick; and when I get run over by a vehicle and left with broken bones on the street to die – it hurts.

I confess that occasionally I get aggressive, when I feel threatened for the little ones, when I need to fight for my space on the streets and when it is time to reproduce.

We are growing in numbers – many in Umred and 8 – 20 million in India. Increasing number drives us into forming social packs, and together we surround other animals and even humans at times.

Oh the power of numbers and the terror in your eyes! I totally understand that you would find that threatening.

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And I am guilty of biting millions of people each year. I could also be infected with rabies, and that kills about 35000 humans each year in the world and 20,000 in India. But would you blame me? I am telling you, it is a tough life on the streets!

I know that we can be great friends and I do not derive any pleasure in harming you. The streets here are littered with garbage and food to sustain us for now. But I worry – I worry for you and for me and I rely on you to help me and to help yourself.

I may not be as endangered as a Tiger or as thrilling as other wild animals (not even wild dogs), but I need to be rescued – you need to be rescued.

How can you help?

  • Urge the local municipal council to carry out a mass sterilisation programme for stray dogs
  • Donate to organisations that provide help or shelter to these dogs
  • Spay, Neuter, Adopt one of these dogs, instead of buying other breeds
  • Start a campaign for a stray dog free Umred – Volunteer
  • Manage your garbage better
  • Spread the word and awareness

And offer more suggestions and ideas.


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