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Water, Water, Everywhere!
Water, Water, Everywhere!

Water, Water, Everywhere!

For those who are wishing for rain, perhaps you could borrow a few clouds from Umred. It has been raining for more than 12 days and with perpetual clouds in the sky, one starts to wonder if an entity called “sun” only existed in fairy tales.

Okay, maybe that’s too drastic. But hey! That’s the effect of the weather. Maybe the neurons in my head have been affected by the humidity and dampness all around making it hard for any spark to ignite. People! We need dehumidifiers; or better still get one of these watermills, collecting enough water from the air to last our lifetimes. Yeah! I am exaggerating again. 😉

Do I sound too bitter?! I am NOT!

Because I know of an easy way to raise my “happiness’ vibration. All you need to do is venture out, away from town to the country side.

You will find many such water streams, gorgeous views and every imaginable shade of green. Now that, should stop anyone from complaining about the sun, including me. 🙂