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We are all One
We are all One

We are all One

To avoid politics makes perfect sense for sanity but I must speak up this time. Through this article, I wish to address everyone in India not just people in Umred.

Recently, I noticed an old drama of Ayodhya dispute replayed on Indian news channels. Hindus believe that the disputed land is the birthplace of Lord Ram and Babri Mosque is built over the ruins of an old temple. Muslims, on the other hand, do not buy into this theory and are not ready to change their place of worship.

What I am about to say may offend parties on both sides and I do not care. We have more believers in different ideas and concepts of faith than believers in Climate change which is capable of submerging “God only knows” how many Temples and Mosques under water.

We are less inclined to believe in climate change perhaps because the change is gradual and the threat is not immediate or is it? Stronger hurricanes and flooding in America, increasing water levels, more snow storms in Canada, colder winters in Europe and floods and droughts in India. Counterintuitive as it may sound, these are signs of the changing climate and is predicted to worsen with time.

Coming back to the topic of Mosques and Temples, I have questions for both Muslims and Hindus.

For Hindus – Are you so sure about the exact spot where Lord Ram was born that you must destroy that Mosque? And even if you are right, can you not think of a better idea to honour your God?

This is my suggestion if you can open your hearts to finding a peaceful solution. Build a temple next to the Babri Mosque as a prominent symbol of unity in diversity.

For Muslims – How would you feel if one day Christians invaded Saudi Arabia and built a Church on the birthplace of your Prophet? That is probably how the Hindus feel and if you empathize with them you’d be more inclined to adjust.

As for me, the entire earth is a place where we are free to worship who or what we want. I could be in a temple praying in the name of Jesus Christ and be in a Mosque thinking of Lord Ram. What difference does it make?

What is more important is to work together as humans inhabiting this planet to safeguard our future generations.

If we believe that climate change is real and are proven wrong then what would be the consequences? Our combined efforts would have resulted in the reduced emission of greenhouse gases, reduced consumption of animal products, improved health and less dependence on fossil fuel.

On the other hand, if we brush it off and nature proves us wrong then we would be well deserving of the consequences which would be far worse than a riot over a temple or a mosque. It will be an ultimate fight for survival for all living beings on this planet.


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