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One can dream…
One can dream…

One can dream…

At the time of taking this picture, I imagined a cozy Scandinavian wooden cottage-style restaurant by the water and the smell of coffee and freshly baked muffins. I guess, I am a curry woman who needs her muffins and cheese.


The water looked calm, grounding, sort of giving a sense of direction to the energy that was eager to start the day. As the sun slowly appeared on the horizon, I saw the rays of opportunity sparkle on the surface. A new day, to weave new dreams with the threads of imagination.

I also saw a few people by the lake. They were yoga enthusiasts on an orange “yoga mat” that looked a bit stretched (a sheet made of plastic strands) to accommodate more people. The sharing adds more power to the fabric, I found myself adding a positive spin.


I walked towards them which allowed me a view of the lake from the other side. I saw a woman washing her clothes in the lake and all the garbage thrown in, gathered at the edges. Much like elements causing ripples on the calm water, blurring my dream-reflection.


I struggled as my mind tried to build a bridge between the two different worlds from my experience. It does not really cost money to keep your surroundings beautiful or keep it clean, I thought. We just need some sense of personal and social responsibility and regard for others.

Anyhow, I am one of those hopefuls and I may visit again. To imagine the same place from my dream. Perhaps in the evening, lit with many lanterns offering dinner, relaxing times and music to unwind and to recharge my batteries for yet another day, another gift.

Oh! one can dream.



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