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One cannot miss the prominent “Right to Education” message painted on the wall in Marathi right by the entrance. An entrance to an institution where you will be greeted by many contagious smiles and spirits indestructible.

Don’t be fooled by the name however – it is called a residence school for the handicapped. An institution, funded by Govt. and initiated by Jai Shiv Bahuuddeshiya society with an objective to provide education and care to children with “disability”.

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I’d rather call these kids “challenged” if I must put a label, simply because they have more challenges to overcome than an average person. And THAT makes these kids special with special needs. By “special”, I do not mean pity-figures, although it is a pity that most people aren’t aware that people with “disability” may have extraordinary talents, skills, vitality, pride and promise.

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Did anyone else notice that our little talented one is a lefty? He can apparently write and can also play “dhol”  (Indian drums) with his feet. The institution does not have the instrument at present, maybe some day I will get to see him perform.  🙂

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This institution that started about six months ago may be the only hope for the poor families that cannot provide special care and environment to these children.

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I would like to end this post with a suggestion:

If you decide to visit this institution either to share a few smiles with these kids or to give them tools to develop their creativity or to develop your own; When you interact with them – don’t see disability, don’t think disability – know that we all fall short, and none of us is perfect in spite of our disillusioned thinking.

The question is – do we have this-ability to look beyond the disability? Can we remember that these are kids with hopes & dreams and deserve dignity, respect and support from the community.