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Two Things: In Umred
Two Things: In Umred

Two Things: In Umred

There is absolutely no way you can escape these two things in this town in India – Umred.

Sunlight and Bicycles. Yes, that’s right!

“A bicycle hides nothing and threatens nothing. It is what it does, its form is its function.” — Stewart Parker, Spokesong

[singlepic id=181 w=520 h=440 float=center]

It is excellent; I suppose. Umred has enough sunlight to generate solar power (whenever people start harnessing it) and use of bicycles by many implies less dependency on oil & gas. How is that for Umm-green?

Sorry for the bad picture quality. That’s the best I could get with my point and shoot camera.  Also, these are actually old pictures from my collection, promise to get new ones once I find time to venture out. 🙂



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