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What do you see?
What do you see?

What do you see?

It was a hot summer afternoon, back in May when I braved the heat and found this space. However, if you were to go out today, to the same place and look around – you will probably find more green, feel a cooler breeze and will find very little semblance to this picture, if any.

And yet I am posting this now, why? Two reasons:

One, I have been very busy lately with my work and haven’t had time to capture any of the festivities in Umred; and

Second – looking at this picture now, reminds me of this extreme contrast that is always followed by change that we observe around us – not just in Umred but everywhere and in our lives too.

It also reminds me to be mindful of a fact that it is not always about what we look at. It is about seeing and finding the promise of the elements just beneath the surface preparing and waiting for their time in the sun.

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