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Umred – Get your words right
Umred – Get your words right

Umred – Get your words right

5th September 2015 – that is today and the last time I posted here was on 14th June 2014. Many opportunities and events are manifesting around me and I have been living different experiences, traveling, learning new things. So yes, I must admit that Umred.Net has not been the focus of my life in the last year and I cannot claim to know what is happening there to write about either.

However, every now and then I think of Umred to look back at the life I’ve lived there. It is the place where I grew up after all and so every time I come across a new thought or a new way of thinking, I invariably compare that with what I have observed growing up.

This morning, I thought of Umred again while listening to this video and you may understand why if you listen to it. The content of this video resonates with me on a very deep level, hope it will inspire a few minds. Enjoy!

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