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What does your heart say?
What does your heart say?

What does your heart say?

Oh my heart what would it take,
to keep you in a happy state?
Would it take a rainbow, or perfectly aligned stars
The rivers that flow with bounty or
the mountains that stand afar
Would it take a thousand flowers to bloom
to pull you out of the gloom,
And fill you up with the colors of life,
so you could forget the strife.

Then, in the whispers of the wind
And the sweet murmurs of the trees at night
I slowly hear my heart speak,
and it says what I knew it might

Don’t wait for the world to adorn your soul
With things you find in a mart
Or hope for that someone to come
To fix your ailing heart
You crave for things so your heart can rejoice
But my dear, feeling good is only a choice.

Fill your heart with happiness
Because it’s just a state of mind
Take your mind off of the bad
Leave all the worries behind,
Focus on the good
Take your attention, back to where it could
And when you know your heart is truly happy,
You will find the things that you should.




    1. admin

      Thank you for the compliment! I am so happy you did.
      And you were in Umred! Interesting place 🙂 The countryside can be very calming and serene with beautiful birds and animals and the town itself pretty much a contrast – vibrant with hustle bustle of life with some order in disorder. Hope you will visit it again.

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